Recycling Containers – Recycling Bins
by TH.LIAKATAS – Recycling2day

TH. LIAKATAS – Recycling2day was established back in 1986 and has participated since then in a number of projects in different sectors of the industry like:

  • Public Constructions Projects
  • Projects Public Power Corporation, Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation & Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP)
  • Projects Natural Gas
  • Projects in collaboration with  Attica Street SA
  • Olympic Projects
  • Projects of ATTIKO METRO and in particular of Doukissis Plakentias Station and Estratironou Square in Egaleo.

“TH. LIAKATAS – Recycling2day” is mainly active in the collection and management of solid waste (debris, renovation waste, industrial waste, etc.) in renting containers for large scale waste and debris as well as in recycling, possessing all the required authorizations for waste management.

Our core services include:

  • Ενοικιάσεις Κάδων - Κάδοι Μπαζών - Κάδοι Ανακύκλωσης από την εταιρεία Θ. ΛΙΑΚΑΤΑΣ - Recycling2day

    Container Rentals – Recycling Buckets by Th. Liakatas – Recycling2day

    Demolitions – Excavations of indoor places

  • Wood Recycling
  • Recycling of plastics
  • Glass Recycling
  • Paper Recycling
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Tile Detachment
  • Cleaning of Buildings & Stores
  • Collection and transport of demolition, construction ,restoration and renovation materials
  • Renovation and Restorations of Buildings
  • Collection and transport of Hazardous Waste


Driving from sustainable development and vision, we take action in
the recycling of materials with the ultimate goal of protecting the environment and human health
but also the further development of local societies