image010At TH.LIAKATAS we monitor the evolution of every new technology in the field of our professional activity in order to satisfy all the requirements that may arise in our field.

The immediate aim of our company is the integration and development of our plant in Avlona, aiming at its absolute independence in the environmental, energy and materials management.

Along with the recycling operations of our company, we are also planning for our development in new green-green paths in the same space. Raw materials that we already manage in our units can be excellent raw materials for the production of Renewable Energy Sources (Biofuels, biogas etc.), so there is an oriented planning of processes in this direction, with the ultimate aim of the sustainable operation of the company, as well as the its compatibility with European norms.

In addition, our company’s future plans are active in different sectors / schemes – with the aim of recycling and recovery of waste and toxic waste – and its expansion – collaboration with waste management centers at European level.