Our waste containers are of different dimensions and sizes and so are our trucks that carry our containers. The capacity of our containers starts from the 3 cubic meters that are widely used in densely populated areas and transported by a small (mini) truck. These are ideal in cases where space is quite limited, such as in very small and narrow roads which makes it inaccessible  a large truck to enter it, or we can only use them if the volume of our litter is too small.


We also have 8 and 10-cubic meter containers that are the most common form of waste collection in an urban environment. Finally we have containers of 33 to 35 cubic meters. these are usually used for the disposal of large quantities of waste, are mainly located in large shops, crafts, supermarkets, shopping centers, factories, etc.

The process for garbage debris rental is very simple and easy to use with a single phone by making an appointment at the place where you want to place the bucket. There, one of our trucks will arrive to serve you. On completion of your work you contact us to let us know about the day and time we should sent one of our drivers to collect it. We will take and transfer any disposal  in their landfill sites or recycling where this is feasible.