The company TH. LIAKATAS is active in the recycling of all materials without exception. The company has fully equipped waste transportation facilities as well as machinery and facilities that ensure the safe collection of all materials (for recycling and non-recycling) as well as their management.

The operational use and maintenance of all systems is carried out with the sole aim of excluding the risk to human health and, of course, the environment.

The company is a fully licensed organization, both managerial and environmental, and is a standard sustainable company at an environmental, economic, technological and social level.

The company’s facilities are located in Metamorphosi, Attica, and at Drizaakouki, in the Municipality of Avlona. Both units are well-equipped to carry out the recycling processes of all materials

Having in our hands countless works that we have done best we are able to guarantee your best service. Our workshops work with the most accurate specifications based on the waste disposal regulations for this we have created a steady turnover of bucket rentals and equipment leases with a single phone call. Our staff is made up of specially trained and experienced staff to better serve our customers. At our disposal we have a wide range of containers such as

. Buckets for building
. Dumpster
.Buckets of renovations
.Buckets Buckets
. Recycling bins
. Small (mini) bins
. Buckets with doors
 Buckets with security systems on top to seal

and in different sizes so that everyone can choose the one that best suits their needs.