Our company has the number. Rev.  Φ1751/1430/ΠΕΡΙΒ-ΣΑ/10-05-2011 Description (renewal-amendment-restatement of the existing Proc ΠΕΧΩ1057/ΦΠΕΡΙΒ-ΣΑ/02-04-2008, as amended Φ1751/5553/ΠΕΡΙΒ-ΣΑ/2009 Decision of the General Secretariat of the Attica Region) on the collection and transport of non-hazardous solid waste, used tires, end-of-life vehicles and waste electrical and electronic equipment Region of Attica. It also has collection and transport permits for the regions listed in the table below.

Also our company has the no. Prot.112595/121 License (amendment of Provincial Law No. 59811/08/27-04-2012) for the sorting and temporary storage of non-hazardous solid wastes for the Attica Region and the Prot. Φ 1751/8817/ΠΕΡΙΒ-9/2010 for the recycling of metallic and non-hazardous solid wastes in Dizakakaki, in the Municipality of Avlona, Attica.


Decentralized Administrations ΑΔΑ DATE of issue or amendment
Thessaly, Sterea Ellada (Lamia) ΒΕΙ6ΟΡ10-00Μ 24.01.2013
Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian Sea (Patras) ΒΕΦΝΟΡ1Φ-Η4Ν 11.01.2013
Peloponnese, Western Greece and the Ionian Sea (Tripoli) Β4ΜΞΟΡ1Φ-ΨΞΗ 10.12.2012
Thessalia, Sterea Ellada (Larissa) ΒΟΝΥΟΡ10-ΚΞΗ 30.12.2011
Macedonia – Thrace (Thessaloniki) ΒΕΙΒΟΡ1Υ-ΒΘΞ 21.01.2013
Epirus – West Macedonia (Ioannina) 45Ψ9ΟΡ1Γ-77Κ 22.12.2011
Macedonia – Thrace (Komotini) Β4ΛΗΟΡ1Υ-2ΜΤ 07.06.2012
Epirus – West Macedonia (Kozani) Β4ΩΝΟΡ1Γ-ΒΧΦ 23.04.2012
Crete (Heraklion) Β49ΨΟΡ1Θ-Ψ53 30.04.2012
Aegean (Syros) Β4ΛΒΟΡ1Ι-ΩΛΦ 01.06.2012
Aegean Sea (Mytilene) Β43ΓΟΡ1Ι-8ΣΘ 27.09.2012