The first piece of paper as we know it was made from rags in 105 AD. by Ts΄ai Luin, who was a member of the Eastern Palace of the Chinese Emperor Han Ho Ti. Paper consumption at the beginning of the 20th century (1915) was just 5,000,000 tons for the whole planet. Today the annual consumption is 40 times higher, exceeding 200,000,000 tons a year. As demand for paper increases, more wood is needed to meet the needs for wood pulp. This results in a loss of natural environment and ecosystems as old forests have been replaced by fast growing plants which significantly affect biodiversity in all forests. Paper is a very important resource on a global scale, since it is widely used. In particular, over 800,000 tons of paper are consumed each year, whereas 30 years ago that number was half. Typically, the paper that is being used by four people in one year weighs as much as a big car!

What can we earn from a ton of recycled paper

  •  We save 17 trees.
  •  We save energy and water consumption by 50%.
  • We achieve less pollution by 74%
  • We reduce waste to landfills
  • We create 5 times more jobs.

What can we save from recycling paper

For every ton of paper used for recycling we are saving
• At least 30,000 liters of water (30 cubic meters)
• 3,000 – 4,000 KWh of electricity (enough for a home for one year)
• 95% of air pollution (including methane if the paper is buried)

Liakatas Company specializes in collecting paper for recycling purposes. After their collection-transfer they are directed to our facilities and after the end of their sorting and temporary storage are led to legitimate recipients for further recycling.