Plastics make up most of the waste. The reason that makes them hostile to the environment is that they degrade, ie they decompose at a very slow pace: a plastic bottle is decomposed into 450 years, while a rope in 3-14 months, a paper in 4-6 weeks. With recycling, plastic waste is squeezed without prior sorting and cleaning to reduce its volume. Then they are heated and continuously fermented at a temperature of around 200 ° C. The result of this process is the production of a fluid of uniform material which can be suitably molded by pressure die casting. The resulting material is of secondary quality, however, it can be improved if a clean plastic is supplied to it.

We process plastic like:

  1. PET or PETE
  2. HDPE
  3. PVC
  4. LDPE
  5. PP and PS
  6. All other materials do not belong to any of the above categories